St. Francis de Sales

Regional Catholic School

Herkimer, NY 

Current Student/Family Information

Faith ~ Respect ~ Family Values ~ Academic Excellence

Church/School Parking
Please be aware of the no parking areas
Do Not Park, Stand, or Block...

  • Father Cunningham's Parking Space (he is in and out throughout the day)
  • Emergency Land (between the cones and the school)
  • In front of the dumpsters
  • Entrance/Exits (must be open at all times in case of emergency)

If the parking lot is full please park on the street and walk your child in the school. If you do not bring or pick up your child please pass this information on to the responsible adult who does.

Catholic School's Week
St. Francis de Sales Regional Catholic School ~ 220 Henry Street ~ Herkimer ~ New York ~ 13350
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